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  • Allied Flex FAQ

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    • How can I check my balance? How can I see my claims History and Payments?

      The first step is to request an Allied Web Account if you do not already have one. You do this by going to the right side of the page and click on “Request New Account”.

      Once you have an account and login, scroll to the bottom of the page and select FSA Report from the Drop Down Menu. From there you can select the plan year you want and see your Medical, Dependant or Transportation accounts.

    • What is the typical turnaround time for a claim to be entered?

      The typical turnaround time for a claim to be entered is 48 hours from time of receipt.
    • What items are eligible to be deducted from my FSA?

      Starting January 1, 2011, all OTC medicines and drugs must be accompanied by a prescription and a reimbursement request (claim form) to be reimbursed under your FSA, HSA, or HRA. These OTC medicines and drugs can no longer be purchased using the Allied Flex Debit Card.

    • What is a grace period and how does it affect my claims?

      At the end of the Flex plan year if you have money remaining in your account it is no longer available. However if your Employer decides to offer a grace period it means you have a set amount of time (e.g. 2 ½ months) to use the remaining funds from your previous year.

      For example if your groups plan ended Dec. 31, 2008 and they offered a 2 ½ month Grace period, you would have until March 15th to use the remaining funds in your 2008 Flex year.
    • How do I file a claim and where do I find claim forms?

      The first step is to fill out a Flexible Spending Reimbursement Form that can be found on the website under the Healthcare Forms link. Then attach all receipts or EOB’s that justify the expenses that you are claiming on the form. To file the claim to Allied you have three options:

      Fax - 312-416-2870

      Mail - Allied Benefit Systems (Flex)
      200 W. Adams St., Suite 500, Chicago IL 60606

      Email - Flex Claims
    • How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

      If your employer offers this option click on the link below and fill out the form and then send it to Allied via Fax or Mail.

      Direct Deposit Form
  • Allied Flex Debit Card Employee FAQ

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    • What is the Allied Flex Debit Card?

      The Allied Flex Debit Card allows you to directly pay for your eligible Health FSA expenses at the point of service. It also allows you to avoid paying cash for services and filling out and submitting a claim form. The card can be used nationwide at eligible merchants wherever MasterCard is accepted to pay for qualifying medical expenses or services. It looks like a regular charge card, but this card is used to take funds out of your Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Remember, you are still required to use the card for eligible expenses as outlined in your Plan. The only difference is instead of making the purchase and submitting a claim for reimbursement, you use the Allied Flex Debit Card.
    • How do I use the Allied Flex Debit Card?

      The Allied Flex Debit Card can be used nationwide at eligible merchants, wherever MasterCard is accepted. Simply present the Allied Flex Debit Card at the time of payment to make qualified purchases for health care expenses or services. The money is taken directly from your FSA, without using out-of-pocket dollars. There is no waiting for reimbursement checks to arrive and no claim forms to complete. Remember, the Allied Flex Debit Card is only to be used to pay for eligible expenses. For example, purchasing food or personal items, would not be an eligible expense and could not be paid using the Allied Flex Debit Card. Please note that you may be required to provide documentation for your eligible purchases---so please keep all receipts.
    • Where can I use the Allied Flex Debit Card?

      Present your Allied Flex Debit Card to pay for IRS eligible medical expenses. The Allied Flex Debit Card may be used at merchants that fall within the specific categories or sell certain goods. These merchants must be registered with an IIAS system or meet the IRS’s regulation that the merchant have 90% of their profits come from pharmaceutical sales.

      Click the links below to see the full list of merchants:
      90% rule
    • How do I activate my card?

      The card is activated the first time you swipe it for an eligible expense.
    • How does the card work?

      Present your card to a provider at the register like any other credit or debit card to pay for your purchase. Funds for eligible expenses will be transferred directly to the provider or merchant from your Health FSA through the MasterCard network. Remember, save all your receipts as you may be required to document eligibility of an expense.

      If you are purchasing both eligible FSA items and non-eligible FSA items, you should present your card to the cashier. The register will ring up the eligible expenses and you will have a remaining balance for the non-eligible items. For example, if you go to the pharmacy and purchase a prescription, over the counter medications and paper towels, you can use your Allied Flex Debit Card for the prescription and over the counter medications and then will be left with a balance for the paper towels. You can use any other form of payment for the remaining balance.
    • Why do I need this card?

      The Allied Flex Debit Card is a debit card offered by your employer to make the use of your Flexible Spending Account more convenient. Rather than paying out-of-pocket money for qualified expenses, filling out claim forms, submitting them with receipts and waiting for reimbursement, utilizing the card allows you to pay for qualified expenses directly from your Flexible Spending Account to the provider.
    • Is this just another MasterCard?

      No, this is not a credit card. It is a debit card that uses funds from your Health FSA Expense Account. Although this is a debit card, it is treated like a credit card at a merchant or provider terminal because it does not require a PIN before approving a transaction.
    • What is it used for?

      The card may only be used for eligible medical expenses and services. Some examples include such expenses as medical deductibles, co-payments, non-covered prescriptions, dental or vision related expenses, and over-the counter medications.
    • What will happen if I use my card for an ineligible expense?

      If you make a mistake and purchase ineligible items with your Flex Card, you are obligated to repay the amount to the Plan.
    • What will happen if I don’t send a reimbursement check for the amount of the ineligible expense?

      Failure to repay the Plan for an ineligible expense can result in the immediate suspension or revocation of the card and/or taxable payroll deductions by your Employer of the ineligible expense.
    • Will my transaction be denied if I don’t have enough money in my account to cover the expense?

      Yes, your transaction will be denied for any amount that is greater than the balance you have in your account.
    • What if my provider doesn’t take credit cards?

      You will need to pay with cash or check and submit a paper claim to Allied Benefit Systems, Inc.
    • What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

      You should immediately call the Flexible Spending Account Department at Allied Benefit Systems, Inc. (312-906-8080 #3 or 800-288-2078-outside of Illinois) to deactivate your card.
    • How do I know how much money is in my Flexible Spending Account?

      You can find your current account balance online at or by calling Allied’s Flexible Spending Account Department at the above numbers. Once you log on to your web account, go to the bottom and select Flexible Spending Account Report. You will see Balance available for future claims.