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Allied Analytics

Each year, Allied substantially reinvests into technological infrastructure to enhance the member experience, optimize clinical value and improve patient care. – one of the most robust online reporting tools in the industry – simplifies the administration process with digital access to information. Clients can use meaningful data, pulled from an array of web-based reports that are updated every 24 hours, to tackle business challenges. Members can easily manage their family's health plans and expenses on the online portal.

Sample Digital Reporting:

  • Eligibility status
  • Claims status
  • Claims history
  • Plan coverage
  • Flex account tracking
  • 90+ online reporting features

Benefit Management Reporting

Allied Benefit Management Reporting (BMR) provides each client and consultant with a comprehensive set of reports to make actionable decisions on behalf of the plan. The BMR platform embeds year-over-year data so clients can analyze plan performance over time. We also have the technological flexibility to design custom reporting packages that specifically cater to the needs of our clients.

Data Warehouse Reporting

Data-Warehouse Archiving logically sends and receives
information from production databases related to the client's health plan. Custom functionality allows users to design a streamlined view of relevant data to uncover meaningful insights. This sophisticated technology simplifies digital transactions and improved administrative efficiencies.

Cognitive Analytics

Allied’s Cognitive Analytics offer innovative ways to analyze healthcare data from a clinical and financial perspective. Our predictive science and evidence-based clinical intelligence tools facilitate the use of data to drive better decisions. We believe in empowering our clients with meaningful data to make smarter
decisions about their healthcare.

Data Integration

Allied’s integrated technology provides a comprehensive view of a member’s medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health and case management data. A clean user-interface plus user-friendly functionality enables clients to spend more time focusing on strategic decisions and less time trying to interpret numbers.

For More Information

Connect with an Allied Analytics digital specialist to discuss Allied Analytics technology capabilities.